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    Clive Palmer Publicly Urges Prime Minister To Commit Suicide

    Politician forced to apologise after being slammed for PM suicide comment.

    During a press conference Wednesday, while speaking about the difficulty in getting the higher education bill through the Senate, United Party leader Clive Palmer told Prime Minister Tony Abbott to "commit suicide."

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    "We all agree we are going to vote against the retrospective education [bill]. Why are we going to do it? This report tells us we should, because we are number one in the world. There's a million students going to tertiary education in this country. There's a million more that's about to go, and a million more that's just left. They've all got parents.

    "So commit suicide Tony Abbott, you know." / ABC News

    He quickly clarified his comments after being challenged by Guardian journalist Daniel Hurst, saying "It's suicide, political suicide, to go against the will of what’s good for the Australian people".

    The remark was widely reviled by people on Twitter, accusing the politician of being disrespectful to people with mental illness.

    If Clive Palmer told the PM to “commit suicide”, he is a disgrace. As someone that recently tried it, it’s the worst thing to hear.

    Hi @CliveFPalmer a friend committed suicide on Friday. I don't think you telling Abbott to 'commit suicide', is ok

    @SkyNewsAust Clive Palmer has spat in the face of all those suffering from Mental Illness. He is unfit to represent Australians.

    Looks like my new role as Clive Palmer's media advisor is paying off

    Clive Palmer has since issued an online apology for his remarks.

    Today I inadvertently used the term suicide in regard to @TonyAbbottMHR when I meant political suicide. I apologise for any offence caused.

    For help or support in Australia, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or or the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467.