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17 Conversations Charles And Camilla Definitely Had On Their Royal Tour

And we'll never be royals...

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4. "...And the wicked thing is, we're not even going to buy any, we'll just drink the samples and leave!"

Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images

"Jolly good show Charles! They don't suspect a thing!

"I'm standing right behind you, Your Highness."

"Shh.. Just pretend you don't speak Australian."


6. "Are you sure there's quite enough room for the people living in there? It does seem rather small."

Pool / Getty Images

"Well, this is just a model Your Highness."

"All the more reason to make it bigger for the poor girl! Models are at least six foot tall."

"Haha Zoolander, I get it. Good one Your Highness."

"What on earth are you talking about, man?"

"Nothing, Your Highness."

7. "Guards! Arrest this awful woman! She has trapped my face inside her telephone."

Pool / Getty Images

"..Honestly, this is worse than the time they trapped Mummy's face on all those coins the commoners seem so fond of."


15. "You girls are from New Zealand, you like Lorde?"

Pool / Getty Images

"Yeah! We love Lorde"

"Ah yes, you know that song of hers, how does it go?"

"Umm.. like.. 'and we 'll never be royals.."

"That's right."