Australian Government Revokes Visa Of “Pick-Up Artist” Jeff Allen

    Thousands of people called on the immigration minister to cancel the visa of Jeff Allen, colleague of Julien Blanc.


    The ABC reports Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton has cancelled the visa of Jeff Allen after a petition was signed by more than 62,000 people.

    Under Australia's Immigration Act, the minister can refuse to grant a visa if the person does not pass a "character test."

    More to come.

    Activists who campaigned for Jeff Allen's removal with the hashtag #ShutDownRSD are celebrating their victory.

    On Monday, an Australian hotel group cancelled the bookings for seminars to be held by Jeff Allen, a colleague of pick-up artist Julien Blanc, whose visa was revoked after national outrage in 2014.

    "In the past three months, me and my girl have pulled over a dozen threesomes," Allen says in the video.

    Following pressure from activist groups, hotel chain TFE, who run Vibe Hotels, cancelled the company's booking on Monday.

    @MelTankardReist TFE Hotels has learnt RSD booked events at Vibe Hotels under another name & has cancelled any further events at all hotels

    A spokesperson for the company says a booking for two of their hotels was made under a false name.

    "We found out they were booking under a different name and we ordered the hotel to cancel their booking and sent an announcement to hotel managers to look out for any of these bookings and cancel them," she told BuzzFeed News.

    The spokesperson says the company's policy allows them to cancel reservations if they pose a security threat or a threat to its reputation.

    A petition calling on the immigration minister Peter Dutton to revoke Jeff Allen's visa approval has been signed by over 60,000 people.

    Greens' spokesperson for women Larissa Waters says the seminars promote threatening and abusing women.