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Australian Media Still Can't Tell The Difference Between Nazeem Hussain And Waleed Aly

This is just getting silly now.

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And NW magazine made the same mistake.

Hey @NWmag, this is @nazeem_hussain. Not Waleed. #herewegoagain


The Project presenter and Triple J host even posed together on the Logies red carpet to prove that they're different people.

No confusion people @nazeem_hussain & Waleed Aly at #TVWEEKLogies

Of course, it has happened before. Cast your minds back to December last year, when The Age posted a picture of Nazeem Hussain with the caption "Waleed Aly joins The Project".

The Project followed up by getting Nazeem to host the show...


NW offered an apology to Nazeem, saying that captions were supplied with images from the Logies.

@ComedyOzNz @nazeem_hussain captions were supplied with the images from the event - apologies to @nazeem_hussain !

TV Week deleted the image on Wednesday morning.

TV Week / Facebook

TV Week editor Emma Nolan told BuzzFeed News "unfortunately this mistake happened due to an incorrectly labelled picture. But it was rectified as soon as possible and we apologise."