Zero Women Were Invited To The John Madigan Party Website

    Former DLP senator launches website for his new Manufacturing and Farming Party.

    Crossbench senator John Madigan announced Wednesday he has created his own political party, John Madigan's Manufacturing and Farming Party.

    He joins the ranks of other crossbench senators who've started their own parties named after themselves, after Nick Xenophon recently established his party, Nick Xenophon Team and Jacqui Lambie started the Jacqui Lambie Network.

    With the slogan "a country is what a country makes", senator Madigan says his party will "encourage debate about manufacturing and farming" and acknowledge "our famers and our manufacturers as the foundation of the economy."

    But if you go to the party's website, where are all the women? Are they here, in this picture?

    How about on this page?

    Lots of people here.. Maybe some women on this page?

    Righto. Last page. Here we go:

    According to the ABS labour force survey, his website doesn't even reflect the reality of female participation in manufacturing and farming in Australia. In 2013, women made up 28.5% and 28.6% of the industries respectively.