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    Joe Hockey: I Have Netflix And I Watch House Of Cards

    The Treasurer joined BuzzFeed News for a live Periscope interview and told us what he really thinks of Frank Underwood.

    Treasurer Joe Hockey sat down with BuzzFeed News for a live interview via Periscope, and we asked him about the GST on digital goods purchased overseas, dubbed the Netflix tax.

    BuzzFeed News

    One subscriber who's more than happy to pay the 10% GST on Netflix is the federal treasurer.

    Sean Davey for BuzzFeed News

    "Well, that's the way it is, I've got to pay my fair share just like everyone else," Hockey said.

    "If there was an Australian company that produced House of Cards, and it was being broadcast over Foxtel or something like that, then I'd want to pay my fair share because I'd want to give them a go.

    It's really about being fair and ensuring that Australian producers can compete with others in the world."

    And he's a big fan of the Netflix original series, House of Cards.


    BuzzFeed News asked what character in the series he relates to them most.

    "None of them," was the emphatic response.

    So is Joe Hockey on Team Frank or Team Claire? *SEASON TWO SPOILER ALERT*

    Netflix via

    He describes the show's antagonist Frank Underwood as an "impossible character."

    "I mean, fancy throwing somebody in front of a train. I've never met anyone in politics who's done that!

    He adds, "I mean, not physically."

    As for Claire, he loves the actress Robin Wright, but admits he's "a bit torn" about the character.

    "You know, she's party to a very machiavellian, quite an evil character. Frank Underwood's quite an evil character."

    So who are the Underwoods of Australian politics? Is it Joe and Melissa? Tony and Margie? Malcolm and Lucy? Bill and Chloe?

    Stefan Postles / Getty Images

    He laughs. "Yeah, theres a couple." But in the end, he wouldn't tell us who.

    House of Cards / Media Rights Capital / Via Netflix

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