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    Joe Hockey Is A Wild And Crazy Guy

    Federal treasurer leaves his troubles behind to mess with Kochie from a TV studio in New York.

    Sunrise entertainment reporter Nelson Aspen was doing a live cross about rapper Nelly's drug bust from New York when the Australian treasurer suddenly popped his head in to the shot and started talking.

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    Joe Hockey was in the studio for an interview with ABC Breakfast News, but decided to crash the Sunrise live cross for a chat with hosts David Koch and Natalie Barr.

    Sunrise / Seven

    Except he didn't have an earpiece, or a microphone. So he had to improvise.

    Sunrise / Seven

    Hockey was also extremely excited about getting to ring the opening bell at the stock exchange, and managed to fit in a dig at Kevin Rudd for good measure.

    Sunrise / Seven

    When asked if he was going to spot Kevin Rudd in New York, he responded with "Well anywhere there's a camera, you know Kevin!"

    And then Nelson complimented him on his skin.

    With this GIF of a younger Hockey giggling whilst holding a deflating balloon surfacing in recent weeks, all that's left to do is add 'crashing live crosses' to the list of Weird Things That Are Greatly Pleasing To Joe Hockey For Some Reason.

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