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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Having Sexy Thoughts About Coal?

*bites lip* *fans self*

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Before you watch this new TV ad about coal, released by the Minerals Council of Australia, you might wanna dim the lights, scatter some rose petals, light a candle or two. Slip into something a little more comfortable. Are you ready?

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As expected, green groups have attacked the campaign, labelling it "desperate" and "ridiculous". Some cruel people even hijacked the #coalisamazing hashtag on social media.

Coal is so easy to mine that even children can do it #coalisamazing

#coalisamazing at utterly destroying the environment


#coalisamazing because of the 120,000 premature deaths and 20m cases of asthma is causes every year in India

show your passion for destroying our environment with this stylish pendant #coalisamazing

It's especially hurtful for coal since the mining industry's #australiansforcoal campaign suffered similar treatment last year.

Blessed are the daughters of battler mining billionaires, for they will inherit the coal. #australiansforcoal

Luckily, some people still appreciate coal. According to the IMF, the Australian government gives $1,260 per head in fossil fuel subsidies.

Alexandra Lee is a politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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