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Young People Will Now Have To Wait Four Weeks For The Dole

Young jobseekers will now only have to wait four weeks to get income support.

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Last year’s youth employment strategy is in the bin, replaced with a new program called RapidConnect Plus.

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One of the most unpopular measures in last year’s tough budget was an enforced six-month waiting period for under 30s signing on for the dole. That’s now been scrapped in favour of a four-week waiting period for under 25s.

During the four week waiting period, young people must actively look for a job before they can start receiving income support payments. There are some exceptions to this, including principal carer parents, and young people leaving state care.

The government says this will “set the clear expectation that young people must make every effort to maximise their chances of successfully obtaining work.”

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Small businesses will also be encouraged to hire young people, as part of a new $6.8 billion program called jobactive.

They’ll get incentives of $6,500 if they hire a young person under 30 who has been on the dole for six months or more.