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George Brandis Was Busted Reading Bush Poetry During Senate Estimates

So I wrote a bush poem about it. Please enjoy, Brandis of the Overflow.

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Late Wednesday night, attorney-general George Brandis decided to spend a Senate estimates hearing of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee kicking back with a copy of Our Country, a collection of classic Australian bush poems.

Senator Brandis, who is also minister for the arts, told Fairfax Media, "I find it very easy to read and listen to Senate estimates at the same time."

So I wrote a poem about it, for reasons that seemed clear at the time.

Brandis of The Overflow

I am sitting in my dingy little Senate, where a stingy

Ray of sunlight struggles feebly down between the buildings tall

And the filtered air and gritty of the Estimates Committee

Through the open window floating, spreads its foulness over all

And in place of lowing cattle I can hear the fiendish rattle

Of the journos' fingers tapping on their iPads and their phones

And the language uninviting of the senators a-fighting

With ambassadors and secretaries and all those DFAT clones

With other senators a-leading, Brandis caught up on his reading

Let his mind drift back, to an Australia far away

And he'd joined the wild bush poets - bookshelf worth 15 thousand pound

While all the flaks had gathered to the fray

And he thought it's such a failure, that we've lost this old Australia

Times were simple then, and everyone worked hard

And if he had his time over, he'd spend his days as a rover

And at night go see the great works of the Bard

He got a lovely shiver from The Man From Snowy River

And George prayed that he could go back to that time

When a man could fund the ballet without another bloody rally

When poets didn't ask for money, and wrote poems that could rhyme

A land of movement at the station, not of passing legislation

About the internet and all that other rot

When all the arts were better, and the data wasn't meta

And no one gave a bloody rats arse if you looked at it or not

And it'd be the grandest, if I could somehow change with Brandis

Like to catch up on some poems as the questions come and go.

While he swept up the litter on the Facebook and the Twitter

But I'd doubt he'd suit the office, Brandis of the Overflow.