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The Interview That Was So Bad It Got Nominated For A Logie


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David Speers' glorious slow-motion-trainwreck of an interview with attorney-general George Brandis about metadata has been nominated for a Logie.

Sky News is nominated in the Most Outstanding News Coverage category for the cringe-tastic interview with the attorney-general that gave us such memorable lines as this:

BRANDIS: "Well..metadata is um.. the best metaphor I can give you is... take uh, uh imagine a letter right?"

There have been some magnificent political interviews in the past year, but few hosts have managed to make their subject completely lose the power of speech:

SPEERS: Is that what we're talking about here?

BRANDIS: Well, I.. that... m- m- m- the... what you're viewing on the internet..

Voting is open now! You know what to do.

Sky News/BuzzFeed