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    11 Weirdest Moments From Tony Abbott's St Patrick's Day Message

    Prime Minister's video offends Irish people and freaks everyone out.

    Australian prime minister Tony Abbott recorded a special message for St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately, it's being slammed in the Irish media as "patronising" and "awkward".

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    An Irish businessman told the Irish Times he hoped a video designed for a business function would have more of a business-focused message.

    “There are so many good stories of Irish people in business in Australia, Mr Abbott’s lack of awareness of any of that is astonishing,” he said.

    There were some pretty sweeping generalisations and Irish stereotypes in there, but also some moments that were straight-up bizarre.

    1. When he very lightly touched his own fingertips.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    2. When he waggled his green tie.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    Stop that.

    3. When he made a joke about how much he hates the environment.

    LOL climate change!

    4. This smirk.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    That's the face of someone mentally giving himself a hi-five.

    5. When he made this nuanced historical observation.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    "This is the love of life and good humour that the Irish have given Australia. Indeed, it's been said of us that the English made the laws, the Scots made the money, and the Irish made the songs."

    Probably not the best thing to tell an Irish business lunch, that their greatest contribution to Australia was the gift of song.

    6. When he clasped his hands over his chest like a dead person.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    7. When he declared St Patrick's Day "a great day for the Irish... and the English".

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    Yep. No bloody history there between those two countries. Can't possible see any Irish people getting upset at this at all.

    8. When he was incredibly specific about which cultures like to have a drink.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    "It's a great day for the Irish, the English, the Vietnamese and Cambodians and anyone else who cares to come to a party."

    9. When he called the late historian Patrick O'Farrell "Paddy" just to Irish it up a bit.

    Liberal Party of Australia/youtube.con

    10. When he made a joke about how much the Irish like drinking Guinness.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

    "I'm sorry I can't be there to share a Guinness, or two, or maybe even three."


    11. Those hands again.

    Liberal Party of Australia/

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