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11 Things White People Say At Yum Cha

"Um... Can I have a Coke?"

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White people love the shit out of yum cha.

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It's fun, it's tasty and you can drink beer at 11 a.m. - the perfect Aussie hangover cure. And even though you love showing off Cantonese cuisine, you know you can always count on your friends asking the same damn questions every time.

2. "Um, do you have any pork buns? No, um.. Pork buns? Pork bun?"

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Don't drop the 's' dudes. It's called cha siu bao. Pronounced Cha as in "yum cha", siu as in "syoo" and bow as in "bow down Bunnings sausage sizzle bitches, this is how you do meat and bread."


4. "Hi, could I order a Coke please? How many of you want a Coke? One, two... Five cokes please."

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Pssst. The clue is in the name. Yum Cha means drink tea.

Meanwhile you're smashing the bottomless cups of jasmine tea and they wonder why you don't feel bloated afterwards. The only thing you're bloated with is ANTI-MOTHAFUCKINOXIDANTS BRO.

7. "I don't think the trolley lady likes me."

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It's not that she doesn't like you, it's just that she doesn't care about you. There's a difference. Remember, she's cooking noodles on a hot plate with wheels - Essentially cooking and driving a vehicle at the same time as trying to interpret your vague-ass pointing.