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15 Of The Sexiest Vintage Guitars You Have To See To Believe! have some of the rarest, truly jaw dropping vintage axes anywhere on the web (or anywhere else). One of these can be yours... that is, if your pockets are deep enough. Enjoy this guitar porn and wipe the drool off your chin!

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1. 1960 Fender Stratocaster


Even your mom knows what a Strat is. This 1960 came loaded with an added tortoiseshell pickguard straight from the pre-CBS factory. Someone had excellent taste!


6. 1957 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty


This Les Paul Custom haunts the dreams of teenage rockers and yacht-rock Dads all over the world. Why would you want 2 pickups when you could have 3?

7. 1979 Ibanez Solid Brass Artist 2622


Before Ibanez guitars were in the hands of 80s hair metal shredders, they were breaking the norm in the 70s. This solid brass double cutaway Artist Series is wicked — not to mention you could use it to crush the skulls of those who disagree!


15. 1960 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst "The Burst"


You've just laid eyes on a unicorn: the most magnificent, one-of-a-kind piece of playable art that exists. The guitar everyone tries to replicate; the one, the only, the "Burst"!

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