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    • alexl46

      The US also has Lactose free cow’s milk that has had Lactase enzymes added, it’s not that much more expensive than regular milk, and actually is preferred by baristas because it foams better! (I live in Washington, and we have a local dairy that makes crazy good lactose free milk [Darigold]) I’ve also found that gluten and dairy intolerance can go hand-in-hand, so that takes eating out at restaurants a huge (but not impossible) challenge for me. However, living in WA has many benefits in terms of the local awareness of dietary restrictions/food allergies. Learning to cook for yourself is the best and most reliable way to ensure that your body’s needs are met, but not everyone has access to knowledge or fresh foods, so there’s no “silver bullet” for those with dietary issues :-(. Good luck and happy eating to my fellow lactose intolerant folks! There are quite a few dairy free cookbooks out there and the food tastes delicious, so don’t give up!

    • alexl46

      This video is of Jane and Pete-e, as well as Neil Hoyt and Donald Jenny (who’d been together for 24 years), getting married at Benaroya Hall on December 9th, 2012 with over 5000 of their closest friends and chorus family members :-) It was very hard being on stage and trying not to cry with joy, especially when the "I do’s" were said, very emphatically. Joyous celebration, fantastic people.

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