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New Venomous Frogs Can Headbutt You To Death

Luckily, they have very few enemies.

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  1. They are pretty cute, right?

    OMFG! Hell yeah they are!
    What? No! Are you crazy?
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They are pretty cute, right?
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    OMFG! Hell yeah they are!
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    What? No! Are you crazy?

Not so fast! These two critters are actually the first venomous frogs known to science!

Alex Kasprak for BuzzFeed

Sure, there are tons of poisonous frogs around, but for a frog to be venomous, it needs to be able to actively inject a toxin into their prey.

The frogs have little spikes on their head which can do the injecting.

Carlos Jared/Butantan Institute

This is the spikey, terrifying skull of a Corythomantis greeningi frog. Look at those venom-delivering spikes!

Scientists have known about the frogs for a while, but only recently learned about the venom spikes the hard way.

According to a press release, researcher Carlos Jared had an unfortunate encounter with one of the frogs that led to the discovery:

"Unfortunately for Jared, he first realized that C. greeningi might be venomous firsthand while collecting frogs for research. His hand was injured by one of the frog's spines, which led to intense, radiating pain for a period of about 5 hours."

Jared was lucky, though. The scientists calculate that a gram of the other head-butting frog's venom, A. brunoi, would be enough to kill more than 300,000 mice or about 80 humans.

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