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14 Myths About Sex That Need To Be Debunked Immediately

When it comes to orgasms — redheads actually have the most fun.

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This is Helen Fisher, the chief science adviser for and an anthropologist who specializes in ~love~.


Every year, Helen Fisher, Ph.D., conducts a comprehensive study of singles' attitudes toward dating and sex that surveys over 5,000 Americans. The people surveyed are NOT members but are representative of the U.S. population at large. "We queried a representative sample of blacks, whites, Asians and Latinos, young and older, and gays, lesbians and straights from every part of the country and every walk of life," she told BuzzFeed Science.

"As we take the pulse of the modern American," Fisher said, " can find these single men and women better dates and I can get a truly granular understanding of love, sex and commitment. " The data reveal a number of myths about dating, love, and sex. Here are some myths about sex that could use some debunking:

1. Myth: Singles judge a potential partner first by their body.


Reality: Singles actually judge a potential date first by their grammar (88% of women; 75% of men), their self-confidence (84% of women; 69% of men), and their teeth (81% of women; 67% of men).


2. Myth: Women are turned on by sexy photos of a partner.

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Reality: 77% of women do not want to receive a sext from a date, and 48% don't want to get ANY kind of selfie from a man. Take note, dick pic peeps!


7. Myth: Men want to have sex every day.


Reality: Only 19% of singles (24% of men, 16% of women) would ideally want to have sex at least daily with a familiar partner, and ~35% of singles (both men and women) would ideally want to have sex 2-3 times a week with a familiar partner.

9. Myth: The younger you are, the more sex you’re having.

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Reality: Singles in their thirties had the most sex in 2014 out of any age group (58% had sex in 2014 versus 46% for singles overall).

12. Myth: Single men just want to please themselves in bed.


Reality: Single men are more likely to find sexually satisfying their partner more important than sexually satisfying themselves.

14. Myth: Far more men than women are interested in finding an attractive partner.

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Reality: 89% of singles (both men and women) say they "must have" or consider it "very important" to find a partner who is physically attractive to them.

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