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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    17 Lemurs Who Aren't Mad, They're Just Disappointed

    You've really let these patient prosimians down...

    1. This lemur, who just doesn't know what to do with you anymore:

    Mathias Appel / Via Flickr: mathiasappel

    2. This guy, who can't even deal with your shit right now:

    Tommaso Perusini / Via Flickr: korso87

    3. This fella, who can barely believe what he is seeing right now:

    Mariusz Kluzniak / Via Flickr: 39997856@N03

    4. This black and white ruffed lemur, who is making it clear you best get out of its sight ASAP:

    Toshihiro Gamo / Via Flickr: dakiny

    5. This lemur, who is so damn close to giving up on you:

    Mathias Appel / Via Flickr: mathiasappel

    6. This lemur, who is NOT going to tell you one more time:

    jerseygal2009 / Via Flickr: jerseygal2009

    7. The guy, who is clearly underwhelmed:

    Nathan Rupert / Via Flickr: nathaninsandiego

    8. This beast, whose contempt is palpable:

    Jean-Francois Phillips / Via Flickr: jfphillips

    9. This lemur that's about to do something it really wishes it didn't have to do:

    Nathanael Coyne / Via Flickr: purecaffeine

    10. This unimpressed lemur:

    Mathias Appel / Via Flickr: mathiasappel

    11. This lemur, who was perfectly relaxed before dealing with your crap:

    Michelle Bender / Via Flickr: -mbender

    12. This incredulous mouse lemur:

    David Dennis / Via Flickr: davidden

    13. This lemur who is putting up with your shit because it's taking the high road:

    Sam Whitfield / Via Flickr: samsamcardiff

    14. This exhausted lemur, who just can't right now:

    Sam Whitfield / Via Flickr: samsamcardiff

    15. This dude, who is clearly suspicious of your motives:

    David Ellis / Via Flickr: david44149

    16. This majestically disappointed lemur:

    Travelswiss1 / Via Flickr: travelswiss1

    17. And this lemur, who is THIS close to giving up on you:

    Wade Tregaskis / Via Flickr: wadetregaskis

    But don't worry. At least this bamboo lemur is pretty stoked you stopped by to say hi!

    Antony Stanley / Via Flickr: antonystanley

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