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Can You Make It Through These Nature GIFs Without Vomiting?

Sometimes Mother Nature can be a one-way ticket to vomtown.

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Here are some gnarly snapshots of nature almost certainly guaranteed to make you vomit. Which one will you succumb to?


3. This decidedly predatory flatworm attacking an adorable snail:

Cham TY / Via

These gnarly dudes are land planarians, a group of flatworms. They capture their prey using adhesive mucus, poisonous secretions, and a glorified death hug as they leak their acidic digestive fluid over their prey. This happened on your watch, nature.


7. This unholy sling-jaw wrasse:

Wainwright Lab / Via

The mouth of this species of fish unfolds into a suction tube that can reach half the length of its body and pull in its prey with great ease. Innovative thinking, nature, but we can't unsee this!

10. This hairy pubic mess of daddy long-legs:

paglo / Via

Apparently a daddy long legs' bodies aren't great at keeping warm or retaining moisture, so they ball up into this gnarly looking bunch. The pubic hairs would have been bad enough, nature.


12. This mouthful of baby jawfish inside an adult jawfish:

Eunjae Im / Via

This jawfish is called a mouthbrooder. The fertilized eggs are actually incubated in its mouth. This would kinda be cute, nature, if it wasn't so fucking weird.


17. The fact that an octopus is capable of this mayhem:

Porsche Indrisie / Via

Shallow water octopuses like this one are all carnivores. They envelop the prey and inject a deadly neurotoxin into their system before pulling them back into their watery home. Is nothing sacred, nature?


21. And this molting giant centipede:

National Geographic / Via

After its done molting, it can dine on bats and frogs and snakes that are bigger than it. Look at it slithering out there... It can't get worse than that, right?


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