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    21 Reasons Why Anxious People Were Born To Be Scientists

    Anxiety makes science happen.

    1. Over-analyzing things is pretty much what scientists do for a living.

    2. They will check over and over to make sure a burner isn’t left on.

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    3. They are already under the impression that everyone is judging them, so the peer review process will be a breeze.

    4. They come up with catastrophic scenarios a less anxious person would never consider and have already figured out how to prevent them.

    5. Public speaking makes them nervous, so limiting their talks to fit into a conference slot is no problem.


    6. They are already aware of every terrible diagnosis in existence before even the first day of medical school.

    7. Every day is a an existential crisis, just like a scientist’s funding situation.


    8. They don’t live in the present, they live in the future. You know what else lives in the future? Science.

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    9. Their natural sleep pattern of staying up late thinking makes them perfectly well-suited for long nights in the lab.

    10. They would be the last people to accidently drink something found in the lab.

    11. They assume their superiors don't like them, so if they find out that it's true, it stings less.

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    12. They don't like spontaneity, so there's a good chance their lab is a pretty safe place.

    13. Their fear of forgetting little details makes them meticulous note-takers.

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    14. Obsessing over seemingly minor problems is something they've trained for their whole lives.

    15. They HATE the idea of being wrong. To get around this, they will work around the clock to make sure that they are not wrong.

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    16. Germs? Not in their lab!

    Unless they are studying germs, in which case you can be damn sure those germs are safely contained.

    17. They won't forget a word of what people tell them because they will constantly replay the conversation in their head.

    18. Their indecision prevents them from ruling out scientific explanations prematurely.

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    19. All that stress makes them stronger. Science needs strong people.

    20. Let's not forget, there are plenty of studies suggesting that anxious people might be smarter anyway.

    21. And turning off their brain is literally not possible, so it might as well be put to good use!