After ISIS Supporters Threaten Mark Zuckerberg, NYPD Counter-Terrorism Sets Up Outside Facebook Offices

The counter-terrorism presence follows the day after a threatening video was reported.

NYPD car with CTB (Counter-Terrorism Bureau) decal outside of Facebook’s office

The New York City Emergency Services Counter-Terrorism group has set up outside of Facebook’s offices at 770 Broadway in Manhattan, almost immediately following a report of a video made on behalf of ISIS threatening Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The NYPD, reached by BuzzFeed News, wouldn’t say whether the patrol is connected to the ISIS video.

A person working in the area snapped the photo above and said he spotted the patrol on Thursday, a day after the report surfaced. A day later, the patrol remains, he said.

“I asked the patrol person if they were here because of the recent threat to FB and Twitter and he said ‘They don’t really tell us why we patrol certain areas,’” the person said.

The 25-minute-long video, first spotted by Vocativ, contains a frame with Zuckerberg and Dorsey’s pictures riddled with bullet holes.

Both Twitter and Facebook declined to comment.

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