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    Top Music Technology To Watch In 2018

    A round up of the best tech innovations in music.

    Music is all about evolution and experimentation, moving on a searching out new ideas, and it has that in common with the tech industry. When the two come together, innovation and creativity excel and new ground is broken at an alarming rate. As soon as one game changing new service or app appears, another one follows hot on its heels. As such, we thought that start of a new year would be a good time to cast an eye over some of the most promising and exciting new developments in music tech. What follows, then, is a list of some of the fastest rising and most impressive new music tech apps to have emerged, and they are all well worth keeping any eye on.


    ForTunes is aimed at a new generation of music creators and is an app which helps artists, producers and their representatives get a handle on the data their music generates when it’s played online. It keeps you up to date in the fastest way possible with an intelligent feed and works on iOS and Android, with desktop to follow.


    TagMix is an innovative new app that allows users to create high quality video TagMixes to share across their social networks. The videos are professional looking and include links to artists and event clips and can be paired with additional partner visuals, logos and images. The likes of Ibiza Rocks, Defected and Sankeys have all linked up for partnerships already


    WARM tracks more than 23, 000 radio stations around the world and reports on airplays for artist and labels. It allows geographically targeted tour booking where most listeners are hearing an artist’s music, plus social media optimisation and improvement of royalty collection. Radio plugging was never easier than with this innovation.


    Verve is a sales platform to enable brands to easily run advocacy programs. It has picked up $18 million in funding and is initially focussed on live tickets for events. The platform can be white labelled and branded for various rewards like free tickets or VIP access. They have already worked with the likes of WE ARE FSTVL, Bestival and Spring Awakening.


    Muru is an app that uses artificial intelligence to accurately classify any digital song in a matter of seconds. It uses new, patent-pending technology that is cheap and not resource heavy and allows music to be properly categorised on sites like Beatport and and Spotify. Tracks can then be added to a playlist in easy and dynamic ways with this hugely accurate and speedy new tool. Apparently, it takes Muru just six days to classify one million songs, and uses your entire history to make a new proprietary DJ algorithm that is able to find new songs like the ones you already love.


    Austria based startup SEEQNC has developed a patented Audio Encoding Technology together with a platform for labels, producers and DJs so that they can see who is playing their music live. It does so by encoding soundcookies into tracks which are then read over the speaker anytime the track is played live, and then labels and producers receive Push Notifications and social media shares every time they get a play, with all the data shown in their own portal.

    Audio Underground

    Audio Underground claims to be the next generation of music digging. It does so by cataloging the music shared on social media to give users endless sources of inspiration. You can subscribe to favourite users and get never-ending music straight to your homepage as it’s shared in real time, which means effectively it turns Facebook into the world’s best record store.

    Fan Inc

    Fan Inc is a solution provider focussed on ticketing, campaign consultancy and artists services as well as social media marketing. It offers a 360 degree solution that allows sellers to shift, distribute, manage and market they events with end to end support. It offers white label services, group ticketing, payment plans, pre-sale registration and much more, and Defected Croatia, Kappa Futur, Ultra Europe and many more are already users.


    Choon is a music streaming service that automatically splits royalties between all the artists involved. It sidesteps complicated recording and publishing contracts and is backed by the Ethereum Blockchain which “is designed to solve some of the music industry's most fundamental problems.