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11 Phases Of Hangry: Grocery Shopping Edition

It's a weekday night and you're in the middle of your diet. You got off work about an hour ago and now it's time to make dinner. Wait. You remember you ate the last of your kale chips last night. It looks like it's time to go grocery shopping, but there's one big problem: you're hangry. No, not just hungry. Hangry.

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Phase 1: Pre-Grocery Shopping

When you realize you're hungry, but you still have to make that trip to the grocery store.

Phase 2: Arrival

When you walk into the grocery store and see all the food.

Phase 3: Going Down the Aisles

When you walk down the aisles and can't decide what to get.

Phase 4: The Bakery

When you reach the bakery and realize they have pre-made cakes.

Phase 5: Hallucinations

When you walk past the Oreos that you know you shouldn't buy.

Phase 6: Continued Hallucinations

When you walk past the frozen pizzas and they suddenly seem like the best thing in the world.

Phase 7: The Drive Home

When you know you should probably wait, but your groceries are sitting right there.

Phase 8: Unpacking

When you start to unpack your groceries, but decide to eat all $100 worth of food right then instead.

Phase 9: Regret

When you've ate so much you start to get emotional about it.

Phase 10: Rationality

When you try to make sense of why you're so hangry.

Phase 11: Full Circle

When you wake up from your inevitable food coma and the hanger comes back.

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