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    28 Reasons You Know Seattle Is The Right Place For You

    Sometimes you just know this place is home (or should be). After that it's just an emerald-colored blur.

    1. This view never gets old

    2. ...nor does this view

    3. The rain doesn't bother you

    4. But your hatred of golf umbrellas is an endless void of rage

    5. Some days you just want fresh flowers, fish, vegetables, mini doughnuts and wind-up toys and you want it all from the same place

    6. You don't want coffee, you NEED coffee

    7. Your face when out-of-towners complain about parking

    8. Besides, it's fun to bike here. You know you love it. Even Mayor Mike McGinn does it do our City Councilmembers

    9. If you jog everywhere instead you've learned to hate urban assault strollers

    10. You don't care anymore, you just want someone to tear this thing down

    11. You forecast the weather by volcano

    12. You set your watch to minor protests

    13. Or by the start of complaints about the Blue Angels

    14. Casual conversation is usually a little blue in comparison to other cities

    15. Your friends all have a great collection of vases

    16. You take time to enjoy some of our unique architecture after appreciating your friends' vases

    17. And when it comes to fantastic buildings and our fantastic views you know what's up

    18. Even if you've got Microsoft money you're still kind of a fan of the bus

    19. You might even love trains as much as you love buses if they'd hurry up and build some tracks

    20. You know Seattle is so nice that Sir Mix-A-Lot and his posse are from here

    21. And you'll always cherish your first Skerritt sighting

    22. Our food establishments are so good you still have heartburn from your first visit to Beth's

    23. We're such a welcoming town for people of all races, religions and sexual orientations

    24. And sizes, too! We've got not one but THREE bear bars

    25. Of course, the bears can't top the Wildrose's annual pride party

    26. We're known for being a pretty awesome loving town

    27. It's easy to see why people fall in love here

    28. And you wouldn't have it any other way