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45 Hidden Gems You Should Already Be Watching On Netflix

There are thousands of things to watch on Netflix. Refer to this list when you don't know what to watch.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most underrated hidden gems on Netflix. Here are their suggestions.

1. The Inbetweeners: A British sitcom about teen boys who can't do anything right.

2. Better Off Ted: A single dad works for a supervillain-level evil company and tries his darnedest to stay morally afloat.

3. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Multiple BuzzFeeders suggested this Australian series about a fabulous lady detective, set in the 1920s.

4. The Paradise: This show about a young girl who works in England's first department store was also a BuzzFeeder favorite.

5. Wentworth: For fans of Orange Is the New Black, this Australian drama also tells the story of a woman sent to prison and is the remake of an '80s show called Prisoner.

6. Harper's Island: Murder! On an island! At a wedding! And no, it's not Game of Thrones.

7. Borgia: Not to be confused with The Borgias, a Showtime series about the same notorious Italian noble family, this show covers more years in the reign of Pope Alexander VI and the surrounding pre-Italian states. If you liked The Tudors, you'll like Borgia.

8.Power Rangers: There are 20 SEPARATE AND DISTINCT POWER RANGERS SHOWS ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW AND YOU CAN WATCH ALL OF THEM. And yes, that includes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

9. The League: A group of friends, brought together by their fantasy football league, have weird lives and are sometimes kind of mean to one another.

10. Call the Midwife: Based on the autobiography of a real midwife in 1950s London, this show tells the story of a midwife in 1950s London. Go figure!

11. The Returned (Les Revenants): People come back from the dead and try to figure out why and how. NOT to be confused with Resurrection, the ABC show with a similar premise. This show is older and also in French, so be prepared for subtitles.

12. Roswell: Aliens come to Earth and try to blend in as human teens, while also saving the planet.

13. Doc Martin: A successful surgeon develops sudden hemophobia (fear of blood) and moves to the countryside to sort out his issues. Hilarity ensues.

14. Don't Trust The B**** in Apartment 23: A morally bankrupt woman's apartment rent scam falls through when her new roommate outsmarts her; they end up living together. Also, James Van der Beek plays a parody of himself for the run of the series.

15. The Killing: This American remake of a Danish crime show follows two murder investigators whose cases tangle up with their personal lives and a sordid political atmosphere.

16. Top of the Lake: A very dark, eerie series about what happens when a pregnant 12-year-old tries to commit suicide in a New Zealand lake. Elisabeth Moss won a Golden Globe for her role in this show.

17. Tin Man: Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming are two of the leads of this sci-fi retelling/fanfic sequel to The Wizard of Oz

18. Houdini: Adrien Brody as Harry Houdini — what more do you want?

19. A Young Doctor's Notebook: Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm play younger/older versions of the same character, a hapless and drug-addicted doctor who practices in a podunk Russian backwater around the time of the Russian Revolution.

20. Timer: Science fiction meets romantic comedy in this film where everyone has an implant in their arm that counts down to the moment they find their soulmate.

21. Blue Ruin: A highly rated, crowdfunded movie about a man who comes back to his hometown and opens up a can of whoop-ass on the people who wronged him.

22. Snowpiercer: No really, this movie is so cool. An arctic apocalypse forces all of humanity to live on a class-stratified train, and Chris Evans leads a proletariat revolution.

23. Mr. Nobody: A pre-Osar Jared Leto stars as the last mortal man in the world (everyone else is immortal). Very visually arresting.

24. The Iran Job: A documentary about an American basketball player who goes to Iran to play for a season.

25. Arranged: Two teachers, one Orthodox Jewish and the other a Muslim, become BFFs in Brooklyn.

26. Happy People: A Werner Herzog documentary about people who live waaaay up there in Northern Russia and absolutely love it.

27. The Way He Looks: A Brazilian coming-of-age story about a blind teenager, his friend, and the feelings they develop for each other. It's in Portuguese so there are subtitles. It's worth it.

28. Dear Zachary: Aw, man. Just watch it. All you need to know is it's a documentary.

29. Two Faces of January: A sexy romantic thriller involving rich Americans in Greece and a slick con artist.

30. Super: Not for the faint of heart, Super tells the irreverent and dark story of an average man who tries to become a superhero. Like Kick-Ass but also NOT LIKE KICK-ASS.

31. Keith: Do you ever look up at the stars and wonder what happened to teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney? He's in this.

32. Electrick Children: A Mormon girl listens to rock music for the first time and is convinced that the music is responsible for her sudden pregnancy. She travels to Las Vegas to find the man who made the tape.

33. Stuck in Love: Sweet. Romantic. Lots of family drama. Antics. You'll like it.

34. Rubber: The main character is literally a tire named Robert who has psychic powers. Super out there. Watch it when you're in a weird mood.

35. The Thief and the Cobbler: Animation lovers will go bananas for how beautiful this forgotten animated musical of the '90s looks. Watch this version on Netflix or look for the fan-made director's cut Thief: Recobbled.

36. Mary and Max: A cute little girl becomes the pen pal of a grumpy New Yorker with Asperger's, and their friendship (sort of) persists as both of their lives spiral out of their own control. This is animated but it is NOT for children.

37. Plush: A songwriter's life gets messed up when her brother and bandmate dies. Apparently there's lots of really good music in this movie.

38. The House at the End of Time: A beautiful and underrated semi-horror movie that will scare you and also make you think. Pay close attention or you might need two watches to get the ending.

39. White Bird in a Blizzard: Shailene Woodley stars a girl whose mother dies; at first she's like, "Woo I can do whatever I want," but then it's like, "nah."

40. Mardaani: This Bollywood movie explores the world of human trafficking through the eyes of an undercover cop. Has subtitles.

41. Lovestruck: The Musical: A cute musical romance about an aging Broadway star who suddenly becomes 30 years younger.

42. The Hunt: Hannibal's Mads Mikkelsen stars as a teacher who is unjustly accused of pedophilia by his student.

43. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil: A spoof of the "creepy cabin in the woods" genre of horror. Completely irreverent and a lot of fun!

44. In Your Eyes: Two strangers have a psychic connection, through which they can see what the other person is seeing. Love happens.

45.Trollhunter: Yep, people hunt trolls. Also has subtitles.

Bonus: Kitten Party: Exactly what it sounds like, 40 minutes of kittens playing around being adorable. Instant mood boost!

Happy Netflixing!

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