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Which Famous Batman Villains Should Be On "Gotham?"

Don't you really want to know how he got those scars? Feel free to re-rank and show which villains you're most excited to see!

1. Harley Quinn

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Harleen Quinzel would be a youngin in Gotham's timeline, but it might make for a fun easter egg to see her hanging out with her contemporary, "Ivy Pepper."

2. The Joker

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

The Joker is the Batman franchise's most iconic villain. It's highly likely that if Gotham survives more than one season, the Clown Prince of crime will have his day in Gotham.

3. Two-Face

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Harvey Dent is confirmed to make an appearance later on in the season, but how exciting will it be to watch his downfall and transformation through the eyes of Gotham P.D.?

4. Holiday

Getty Images/iStockphoto Hlib Shabashnyi / Via Thinkstock

Since Carmine Falcone has already showed up in Gotham, any mention of his son Alberto could be construed as a cameo by the future Holiday from The Long Halloween. That is, if you even believe that Alberto was the real Holiday; we still don't know what he or she looks like.

5. Black Mask

Warner Bros. Games Montreal / Via

Any Black Mask candidates would have to be roughly Bruce Wayne's age, have a lot of money, and also be a complete little prick. Maybe introducing a young Roman Sionis as a nasty schoolmate or rival of Bruce would be a good nod to the character's future antagonism?

6. Hush

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Similar to Black Mask, Bruce's childhood friend and future face-snatching supervillain is a prime candidate for Gotham placement.

7. Dr. Strange

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Dr. Hugo Strange is also confirmed to show up in Gotham, but any list of great on-screen Batman villains would be incomplete without the psychotic master (or, in certain characterizations, inmate) of Arkham Asylum.

8. Mr. Freeze

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Another shoo-in for Gotham, it will be interesting to see how realistic they can make a guy who invents a freeze ray. Double points if they cast Neil Patrick Harris.

9. Ra's al Ghul

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

We can thank Christopher Nolan for bringing Ra's into the Batman villain mainstream, but we can also thank him for ensuring that absolutely everyone pronounces his name wrong. Say it together: Raysh all Gool.

10. Scarecrow

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Considering his popularity and spooky, psychotic origin, it's a given that Jonathan Crane will have his day at the Gotham City courthouse.

11. Killer Croc

Warner bros. Interactive Entertainment / Via

Come on, it would be funny!

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