What’s The Hardest “Would You Rather” Question You Can Think Of?

Would you rather step into a phone booth full of bees or sleep in a room overrun with spiders?

1. Few games give us as much insight into the human condition as “Would You Rather.”

20th Century Fox / Via -hewastheirfriend.tumblr.com

2. You can tell so much about a person based on what they choose.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via zazabava.com

3. But the question itself is usually more important than the answer.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via giphy.com

4. For instance: would you rather wear a snowsuit in the Sahara desert or a swimsuit in Antarctica?

The Walt Disney Company/giphy.com


5. Would you rather never brush your teeth again or only shower once a year?

RCA Records / Via afterld.com

6. Would you rather cry grape jelly tears or sweat motor oil?

Miramax Films/giphy.com


7. What’s the most difficult “Would You Rather” question you can think of? Share with us below!

Alexis Nedd/EMI Records

Remember: this is a judgement-free zone.

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