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    23 Times Your Sims' Lives Mirrored Your Own

    Sometimes this game gets way too real.

    1. When someone walked in on them in the bathroom and their relationship was irrevocably damaged.

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    The first time it happens you're like NO but soon enough you're asking your roomie to bring you a book because you'll be in there for a while.

    2. When they danced really awkwardly and you quietly muttered, "me too."

    EA Games / Via

    Because we get on the dance floor and we're like wait, how does this work again? Where do our arms go? What's up with the feet?

    3. When they had coffee and were wired for three hours but crashed immediately afterward.

    EA Games / Via

    You're not sleeping at your desk, you're just resting your forehead...on your keyboard.

    4. When their romantic advances were rejected no matter how many times they tried.

    EA Games / Via

    You try to play it cool like you weren't even trying to hit on them but it's the biggest lie ever and you actually might cry.

    5. When they were too tired to make dinner so they settled for a slice of bread and/or a juice box.

    EA Games / Via

    Pictured: the moment at which you know your life is in shambles.

    6. When they had tons of clothes but wore the same three outfits all the time.

    EA Games / Via

    The ratio of "closet filler" to "clothes you actually wear" is roughly a million to one.

    7. When another Sim said they didn't like their favorite music/color/food and they were like "bye."

    EA Games / Via

    AKA breaking up with a friend over important things like pizza toppings or waffle cones vs. sugar cones.

    8. When they finally had enough money to buy new things and they literally leaped for joy when they bought them.

    EA Games / Via

    Being the kind of person who owns a couch is genuinely exciting.

    9. When they could only work out for an hour before becoming incapacitated by soreness.

    EA Games / Via

    And all of the buff Sims were probably like "after a few workout sessions it totally stops hurting," which is a LIE.

    10. When they were babysitting and the kids were a nightmare.

    EA Games / Via

    Your Sim: I'm never having kids.

    You: I'm never having kids.

    11. When they flirted with a person once and all of a sudden they became a Romantic Interest.

    EA Games / Via

    Apparently this is what happens when you're nice to crazypants people who think that every flirty smile is a marriage proposal.

    12. When they flirted with another person and the whole town turned against them.

    EA Games / Via

    Because now people get mad when you're just trying to be cute and do you.

    13. When they got tons of attention from the ugliest Sims in town but their crush was just not feeling it.

    Just standing there staring at your crush like "say something I'm giving up on you."

    14. When they expressed a desire to have sex in public but it was too difficult to figure out how.

    EA Games / Via

    Okay now you get in the elevator, no not you. The other you. Ugh kick that person out, we only have 21 floors to get going- wait. We're here. Never mind.

    15. When they actually did have sex in public and they spent the next eight hours walking like this.

    EA Games / Via

    You are the studliest stud in the history of studs and no one can take that away from you.

    16. When they were absolutely thrilled to have a rubber duckie in their bathtub.

    EA Games / Via

    You're probably going to have the "Rubber Duckie" song from Sesame Street stuck in your head until your mid-50s and that's OK.

    17. When their co-workers asked them to stay late at work and they did it, but slacked off the whole time.

    EA Games / Via

    If by "help" you mean "checking my tumblr, deleting emails, and maybe moving one box," then yes I will help.

    18. When it took them three hours and 45 minutes to wake up, shower, and eat breakfast.

    EA Games / Via

    "Late" is a word invented by people who haven't realized that life takes time. These people should go away.

    19. When they wanted to "meet someone new," so they went outside and waved to the mailman. Wish fulfilled.

    EA Games / Via

    Not talking to people counts as being social. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

    20. When they talked to themselves in the mirror for an hour and immediately felt more charming.

    EA Games / Via

    Your reflection has been on the receiving end of some of your most powerful oratory moments. If only you could be that smooth in front of other people.

    21. When they said they would go to a party but it was technically more fun to sit at home and watch TV.

    EA Games/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    Sorry I couldn't make it to your party, something came up and I had to put my phone on silent, eat a whole pizza, and watch every episode of Adventure Time with the lights off.

    22. When they had a grand total of five topics to talk about and got stuck in an infinite conversation loop.

    EA Games / Via

    Your friends are giving you the "stop talking about Game of Thrones" look. It's time to stop talking about Game of Thrones.

    23. And of course, when they managed to burn an extremely simple dish.

    EA Games / Via

    It's not so much about being a bad cook as much as it is about being a dangerously inattentive one.

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