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This Innocuous Vine Account Is Actually A Terrifying Horror Movie

"Turn your sound up..."

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There's something a little different about Nick Rialdi's Vine account.

It starts out with some fairly standard Vine stuff...

But the more you watch the more you realize there's something else going on.

What's up with the creepy hotel he's staying at?

And why is it so cold all the time?

WTF happened here?

and where the hell did that come from?


BRB taking the nope train to hell-to-the-no-ville.

As it turns out, Nick Rialdi doesn't exist.


His Vine profile is a creation of director Zachary Donohue, who filmed the story for The Crypt, Eli Roth's new viral horror app.

Donohue's previous work includes horror film The Den, which is referenced in this Vine from "Nick Rialdi's" profile

The idea of a Vine-based horror story drawn from both the jump-scare internet brand of horror and the "found footage" genre, which has here been updated with a social media twist.

Donohue told BuzzFeed that he chose to make a horror movie on Vine because "[it] was such a great way to create something in a short timespan and have it up there for people to see almost immediately."

"It was also a chance to make something with my friends (Nick Reilly who starred in it, Anthony Sellitti who helped shoot and edit). Before this Vine experiment, we always had conversations like "We should save money and do a short together" but with this, we were finally able to get off our butts and make something without being inhibited by production costs," said Donohue.

Ashley's character is played by Nick Reilly's real life roommate and actor Ashley Lauren Nedd, and Sellitti cameos as a director in this vine. you dare scroll through Nick's Vines?

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