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21 Things Multiracial People Are Tired Of Hearing On First Dates

Please stop talking about genetics.

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1. "So which parent is white?"

Paramount Pictures / Via

Don't assume all mixed people are half-white. And if we are, don't fucking ask that.

2. "Which parent is what?"

ABC / Via

And I want you to back up and think about how it sounds to ask a near-stranger what COLOR THEIR PARENTS ARE.

3. "Mixed people are so attractive."

FOX Searchlight / Via

This is usually followed up by some bullshit science talk about "normalizing the features of both races" and to that we say: nope.

4. "Being mixed is kind of rare, you know?"

Touchstone / Via

Math is hard for you.

5. "But you know I mean it's exotic."

ABC / Via


6. "Your hair is so different."

Clerkenwell Films / Via

Everyone's hair is different.

7. "Can I touch your hair?"

MTV / Via

Shhhhhhh. No.

8. "Can you speak two languages?"

ABC / Via

Yes, I'm fluent in English and silence.

9. "I wouldn't have been able to tell you're mixed at all."

Clerkenwell Films / Via

Well I obviously couldn't tell you were a bonehead but here we are.

10. "Do you identify more with one side?"

20th Century FOX / Via

Do you discuss identity politics with everyone the first time you hang out or...

11. "If you had to pick one, which one would it be?"


What would happen if I removed exactly half of your DNA? I'm really curious.

12. "So do you eat a lot of fusion food?"

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

-leans in and whispers in your ear-

"That's not real."

13. "I'm 1/23rd Cherokee."

HBO / Via

Nobody cares.

Also no, you're not.

14. "Your kids are going to be so pretty."

Vogue / Via

You would not say this to a monoracial person. Or any person. Why me?

15. Are you immune to certain diseases?

NBC / Via

(I shit you not, I have been asked this twice.)

16. "I knew this mixed person and they had like green eyes and..."

20th Century fox / Via

I once knew this person I went on a date with and we never, ever saw each other again.

17. "Was it confusing for you?"

AStory / Via

Does my literal existence confuse you?

18. "I want my kids to be mixed."

Warner Bros. Entertainment. / Via

I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.

19. "Your skin tone is so interesting."


Please just ask me what my hobbies are or something. I don't want to do this right now.

20. "So what are you?"

FOX / Via

I am several ducks stacked on top of each other, hidden underneath a trench coat.

21. "I wish I were mixed."

Broadway Video / Via

Bye for real this time.


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