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    15 Things Everyone With A Great Memory Will Understand

    We do not forget and we do not forgive.

    1. When you remember someone's name and they don't remember yours it's super awkward.

    2. So you've pretended to "meet" the same person twice or three times just to save face for them.

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    3. You remember the dumbest details about people from conversations, like their pets' names or the earrings they were wearing when you last spoke.

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    4. But if you try to bring those things up in a later conversation, people are horrified that you remember so much about them.

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    5. Or they think you paid extra attention because you ~like~ them.

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    6. To the same effect, you've been accused of stalking someone more times that you can count.

    7. You get easily attached to places like restaurants and parks because you can always remember the good times and specific memories you made there.

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    8. Contrarily, you still avoid places you don't like because of something that happened seven years ago. To you, it may as well be yesterday.

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    9. Your surprise your parents with how much you remember from your childhood. Especially their words.

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    10. You always remember plans with friends, even if you only talked about them once.

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    11. And it frustrates you when people flake on plans because they forgot about them. Get it together!

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    12. Whenever you lose something, you can usually track back through your memories to find out where you left it.

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    13. You're cursed to remember everything that you do when you drink.

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    14. So your friends rely on you to tell them what they did when they were drunk.

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    15. And sometimes, having a great memory kind of feels like having a superpower. Use it responsibly.

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