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    13 Things All Perpetually Embarrassed People Understand

    Being a person is just humiliating.

    1. You spend every moment in fear that you're about to do something embarrassing.

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    2. Even if that thing is extremely unlikely.

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    "What if I just throw up right now, that would be terrible oh no"

    3. You get embarrassed about things that don't even faze other people.

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    4. You even get as embarrassed about things that might happen as you do for things that actually happened.

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    Um, life is never too short to wonder "what if." Your life is ruled by "what if."

    5. You spontaneously think of embarrassing things you've done all the time.

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    6. And it basically ruins you for the rest of the day.

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    7. And when one of those embarrassing memories comes back to haunt you, you make this pained face that you hate but can't help making.

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    8. Whenever you interact with someone, you spend the next hour thinking of how you must have embarrassed yourself at least 50 times.

    9. You often feel embarrassed for other people, even if you don't know them.

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    10. In fact, your secondhand embarrassment might be worse than your firsthand embarrassment.

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    11. You don't understand how people can just tell their embarrassing stories at parties and not act like it's killing them inside.

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    12. You deliberately avoid situations that have a high risk of embarrassment.

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    Karaoke is a no.

    13. But still manage to find a way to embarrass yourself at every possible opportunity.

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