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    17 Things All Girls With Big Lips Will Understand

    Lip plumper is a joke and always will be.

    1. You go through lip balm or gloss way faster than people with thin lips.

    Jive Records / Via

    2. You have real anxiety about kissing someone with small lips.

    FOX / Via

    3. Probably because you've had a horrible kiss experience that involved accidentally eating someone's face.

    4. You can't help but feel sorry for people who do this:

    Brittany Forster
    Brittany Forster

    5. You revel in the fact that you'll never have to over-line your lips to make them look bigger.

    6. Trilling your lips is actually kind of hard.

    Vocal Coach Dylan / Via

    7. You've wanted to smack someone for telling you what "those lips" can do.

    World of Wonder Productions / Via

    Nothing involving you.

    8. Winter is your nemesis, because having a lot of surface area means there's just more lip to get chapped by its hurtful wind.

    Olgaradzikh / Getty Images

    9. If the dentist numbs your mouth it feels like you're carrying a 10-pound weight on your face.

    FOX / Via

    10. Actually applying lipstick takes soooo long.

    11. And lipstick also requires a level of precision people with less noticeable lips don't have to worry about.

    The New York Times / Via

    12. Any attempt at duckface gives off a "sexy guppy" vibe.

    13. You accidentally bite your own lips WAY too much.


    They're just in the way a lot, OK?

    14. When peope bring up celebrities with "plump-looking lips" you have to stifle a laugh because they usually don't have anything on you.

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    15. You tried a lip plumper exactly once and ended up looking like you were stung by a horde of bees.

    Interview Magazine / Via

    "Too much of a good thing won't be good for long." —Sam Smith

    16. But you know you wouldn't ever trade your big, beautiful lips for a thinner pair.

    David Rousseau / Via

    17. Because big lips are as beautiful as can be!

    Hollywood Records / Via

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