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    17 Things All Girls With Big Lips Will Understand

    Lip plumper is a joke and always will be.

    1. You go through lip balm or gloss way faster than people with thin lips.

    2. You have real anxiety about kissing someone with small lips.

    3. Probably because you've had a horrible kiss experience that involved accidentally eating someone's face.

    4. You can't help but feel sorry for people who do this:

    5. You revel in the fact that you'll never have to over-line your lips to make them look bigger.

    6. Trilling your lips is actually kind of hard.

    7. You've wanted to smack someone for telling you what "those lips" can do.

    8. Winter is your nemesis, because having a lot of surface area means there's just more lip to get chapped by its hurtful wind.

    9. If the dentist numbs your mouth it feels like you're carrying a 10-pound weight on your face.

    10. Actually applying lipstick takes soooo long.

    11. And lipstick also requires a level of precision people with less noticeable lips don't have to worry about.

    12. Any attempt at duckface gives off a "sexy guppy" vibe.

    13. You accidentally bite your own lips WAY too much.

    14. When peope bring up celebrities with "plump-looking lips" you have to stifle a laugh because they usually don't have anything on you.

    15. You tried a lip plumper exactly once and ended up looking like you were stung by a horde of bees.

    16. But you know you wouldn't ever trade your big, beautiful lips for a thinner pair.

    17. Because big lips are as beautiful as can be!