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8 Things You Didn't Know About "Game Of Thrones" According To George R.R. Martin

"That little touch is not in the books, but I wish it had been in the books because it was a great addition." —George R.R. Martin

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Before the first pitch went out at the game, at which the two teams were rebranded as the Starks vs. the Lannisters, he talked to BuzzFeed about Game of Thrones, fan theories, and his toy knight collection. Here's what he had to say:

On scenes from the books he wished had made it to the show, he discussed a deep cut from Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner's auditions.

"In the very first season — there's a scene where Arya and Sansa, the two girls, are debating whether to go riding with Joffrey and look for Rhaegar's rubies. That was actually the audition scene that they used for both of those girls, and you can see Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner doing it because those are up on YouTube. You see them just in street clothes in a room reading those lines, and it really works well and it establishes who these two girls are and their differences and the relationship between them.

"Sadly, they never filmed that scene. They never put them in costume and filmed it. That was one that really threw me because I'd seen it in the audition tapes and I went 'Oh, OK, now we're getting up to that scene. But wait — they just — they left it out!' They left it out entirely, but you know they always have to do that."

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There was also a massive battle in Season 1 that got cut due to scheduling.

"The first season in particular, you know, we were a new show. We weren't as massively popular as we are now and we didn't have as much money as we have now, so we lost a lot of the battles and the big set pieces. I would have liked to have seen the Battle on the Green Fork, which they had all planned. They choreographed it, they had stuntmen ready, and they knew what they were going to do, but they fell behind in shooting so they quickly rewrote and had the thing with Tyrion just getting knocked out right in the beginning of battle to save three days of shooting."

The famous "Blackwater" episode could have been much, much more elaborate.

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"In the books it's more — they would have had to shoot for another 10 days. There's the chain that Tyrion puts across the [Blackwater Bay] to trap the fleet, there's the bridge of boats... There's three big trebuchets that Joffrey is flinging these traitors that he's caught — the Antler Men — flinging human bodies so it's not just stones and pots of fire but actual human bodies that are smashing down on the ships. Some of that was in the early drafts of the script but as we developed it we just couldn't do some of that. Thankfully, what they did do is great and for a lot of people that's one of the best episodes."

Martin also said that some of the show's moments that were closest to his vision were Arya's character scenes.

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"The dialogue is straight from the books and the actors are marvelous. Some of the interactions first season between Maisie Williams as Arya and Sean Bean as her father were beautiful. Maisie and Kit Harington [as Jon Snow], the stuff with her dancing master [Miltos Yerolemou as Syrio Forel], the stuff between Maisie and Sophie, that Arya and Sansa stuff. All of those were great moments."

Just like you, he was brought to tears by the execution of Ned Stark in Season 1.

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"Of course I knew that was coming, but they did that so beautifully. I found myself with tears in my eyes just watching it at home as Sean Bean was dragged to the pike and then Joffrey makes the about-face and says, 'Bring me his head!' and people's reaction to that. It was beautiful."


There was even a moment during that scene that made him wish he'd written it differently.

"[Game of Thrones showrunners] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] added a beautiful touch to that, too, which wasn't in the books, which was Ned recognizing Yoren in the crowd and recognizing Arya and whispering 'Baelor.' That little touch is not in the books, but I wish it had been in the books because it was a great addition."

The words of House Frey, perpetrators of the Red Wedding, are a long-standing mystery for book readers and show watchers alike. When asked about them, Martin dismissed the fan theory that the Freys are actually a wordless house.

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"I have hundreds, probably several hundreds of houses that are named in the course of this book and I probably have words for like, 20 of them. It's just I haven't gotten around to making up words for them."

When asked if we would find out the Frey words in the future, Martin responded, "Yeah, probably."

On writing characters people hate, and the actors who play them on Game of Thrones:

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"Three years ago I was at San Diego Comic-Con and we were having a mass signing and we had these posters. Me, and David and Dan, and like 10 of the cast members were sitting in a row. All the fans were filing past and we had this big poster — the poster for that season — and everybody was signing it. The fans would move down the row. I was sitting next to Lena Headey and I actually saw a woman snatch the poster away! She didn't want Cersei's signature on it. You know, I hate you! I don't want you to write on my poster. [laughs]

"And Sibel Kekilli who played Shae is a dear friend and she got a little of that too after she turned against Tyrion at the trial: How could you do that to Tyrion? She said, 'I didn't do it — George did it!'"

And what does he get up to when he's not writing A Song of Ice and Fire or Game of Thrones?

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"I collect miniature toy knights. I watch a lot of TV, I go to movies. I own a movie theater so I love to go down to my movie theater and see what's playing, talk to my booker about what we should get next, and deal with that whole aspect of the movie business. What's the fun of having a movie theater if you can't occasionally say, 'Hey, I wanna see Casablanca. Get me Casablanca!'"

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