16 Stages Of Realizing Your Favorite Show Has No Fandom

    As demonstrated by Supernatural gifs, because its fandom is so strong it hurts.

    Stage 1: Discovering an AMAZING show that you just can't help but fall in love with.

    Stage 2: Developing elaborate fan-theories and headcanons that you want to share with everyone you know.

    Stage 3: Realizing that no one in your life has even heard of this show, or that they just don't care as much as you.

    Stage 4: Turning to THE INTERNET to soothe your fan-frazzled nerves and getting pumped to see what other people in the fandom have come up with.

    Stage 5: Doing a tag search on Tumblr that comes up with almost nothing.

    Stage 6: Wondering if you're maybe spelling something wrong or if the fandom has code words that you haven't figured out yet.

    Stage 7: Slowly realizing that you're not doing anything wrong, there's just not a lot out there.

    Stage 8: Calling out into the abyss for help.

    Stage 9: Hearing the vast echo of nothingness in your ears.

    Stage 10: Turning to LiveJournal, only to find out that most of the fan communities are private or niche AF.

    Stage 11: Going back to watching the show and constantly thinking "Oh, that would make a great gifset" or "Wow, I need someone to write fanfic about that..."

    Stage 12: Realizing there's no one out there who will do that, and getting sad all over again.

    Stage 13: Getting real cocky for a minute and googling "how to make a gifset from a video" before giving up two minutes into a Youtube tutorial.

    Stage 14: In a last ditch effort, forcing your friends to watch the show in the hope that they'll get just as hooked as you.

    Stage 15: Seeing the light fade from their eyes around episode 5 and knowing that they're never gonna make it to the series finale.

    Stage 16: Ending up with nothing but your own half-finished fanfic and the dire realization that this is as good as it's gonna get.