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23 Stages Of Putting On Makeup When You Don't Normally Wear It

How do people do this every day?

Stage 1: Waking up a little earlier than usual for whatever reason.

Stage 2: Deciding to use your extra time to put on makeup instead of making a slightly more complicated breakfast or stretching.

Stage 3: Envisioning how amazingly flawless you'll look with a full face of perfectly blended, color-corrected, and contoured makeup.

Stage 4: Going through your makeup stash and trying to remember what all this junk is supposed to do.

Stage 5: Realizing that half of your makeup is expired because the last time you wore it, dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Stage 6: Realizing halfway through putting on your foundation that you forgot primer.

Stage 7: Not remembering if the concealer goes before or after the foundation and resigning yourself to doing it the wrong way. Again.

Stage 8: Attempting something like a "daytime smoky eye" and ending up painting each of your eyelids a different shade of gray.

Stage 9: You're also now covered in glitter somehow. Head to toe. You don't know where it came from. And it's not coming off.

Stage 10: Doing your eyeliner on the easy eye...

Stage 11: Then totally messing up when you get to the difficult eye...

Stage 12: So you go back to the easy eye to try and match the other one...

Stage 13: And you end up messing up the first eye even worse than the second one and WHO DOES THIS EVERY DAY? WHO HAS THE TIME?

Stage 14: Trying to remember all of the lipstick tips you've heard throughout your whole life and drawing a total blank.

Stage 15: Instantly regretting your decision to try and get creative with the lip liner.

Stage 16: Then trying to hide your mistake with lipstick and just... no.

Stage 17: Also you now have lipstick on your chin/ear/eyebrow and you have no idea how it got there.

Stage 18: Smudging the lipstick onto your cheeks because you don't have any blush and you read this in a magazine once.

Stage 19: Realizing that you used up all of your extra time and are now, in fact, going to be late.

Stage 20: Feeling really weird about having all this stuff on your face because you can feel it on there and you're sure everyone is judging you.

Stage 21: Getting stuck in an insecurity spiral because what if it looks too "not you" and why did you even bother trying to do makeup in the first place ugh...

Stage 22: Catching a glimpse of yourself in a window or other shiny surface and realizing how good you actually look!

Stage 23: Acknowledging that even if makeup isn't an everyday thing for you, it's still fun to play with whenever YOU feel like it.