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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Mar 3, 2015

    We Played "Would You Rather" With "Gotham's" Victor Zsasz

    Anthony Carrigan might actually be a criminal mastermind.

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    1. Would you rather lose an eye or lose both hands?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    2. Would you rather have permanent clown makeup or permanent clown clothes?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    3. Would you rather only be able to tell the truth or only be able to lie?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    "Anthony, that's a cop-out."

    "It is! It's a total cop-out."

    4. Would you rather be stuck in Los Angeles gridlock for an hour or be stuck on the New York subway for an hour?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    5. Would you rather have a finger for a tongue or tongues for fingers?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    "You realize I can never erase that from my memory now, right?"

    6. Would you rather be able to turn into mist at will or lead a crew of sexy assassins?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    Carrigan plays both Kyle Nimbus "The Mist" on The Flash and Victor Zsasz, leader of a crew of very sexy assassins (colloquially called the Zsaszettes) on Gotham.

    7. Who would make a better Zsaszette? Barbara or Leslie Thompson?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    OK, this one was our fault for not being specific but COME ON.

    8. Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with Ed Nygma for five hours or spill a drink on Penguin?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed


    9. Would you rather find true love or win the lottery?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    This was the fastest answer he gave us.

    10. Would you rather only eat tacos or pizza for the rest of your life?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    11. Would you rather get dumped via text message or in front of all of your friends?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    💏 +🙅+ 💔 + 👋

    12. Are you more of a real-life superhero or a real-life supervillain?

    David Bertozzi/ BuzzFeed

    Followed by actual maniacal laughter.

    You're too sneaky for us, Mr. Zsasz!


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