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19 Telltale Signs You're Still Obsessed With "Eragon"

Our love burns with the heat of a thousand brisingar.

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1. You can still carry on an elementary-level conversation in the Ancient Language.

And you can end one too.
Getty Images/iStockphoto ATIC12

And you can end one too.

2. You still hold Murtagh and Nasuada as your OTP.

i swear that one happy day i'll read in Book V, a scene where Murtagh and Nasuada kiss and my reaction will be:

OREO @TitaFerreira_15Follow

i swear that one happy day i'll read in Book V, a scene where Murtagh and Nasuada kiss

and my reaction will be:

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Jackson Hewitt / Via Twitter: @TitaFerreira_15

3. You don't think about the movie, you don't talk about the movie — in fact, what movie are we even talking about?

Certainly not this one.
Davis Entertainment / Via

Certainly not this one.

4. But you constantly fancast the "remake" in your head.

Disney / Via

5. For instance: Lupita Nyong'o for Nasuada.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters / Reuters

6. And wouldn't Robin Lord-Taylor make a kickass Durza?

DC Entertainment / Via

7. Just think about it: Lucy. Lui. Islanzadí.

John Shearer/Invision / AP

8. You have considered getting, or actually have, a gedwëy ignasia tattoo.

Henna counts, you beautiful nerd.

9. You still get caught in a mind-trap thinking about how it's impossible to lie in the Ancient Language.

Relativity Media / Via

Does that mean that magic works by changing the universe to make whatever the mage says true? What would happen if you said something simple like "my eyes are blue" when they're brown. Would they turn blue? Aaah!

10. You spend an extra second or two looking at reeeaaaally shiny rocks just in case it's a dragon egg. Just in case.

11. You don't feel so bad about your crushes not working out because you can't have it worse than Eragon and Arya.

Big Talk Films / Via

^literal excerpt from Inheritance.

12. You look at other dragons in pop culture and wonder how they're getting on without a Rider.

HBO / Via

Drogon, u ok hun?

13. You hold the unpopular opinion that the Ra'zac are scarier than dementors.

Heyday Films / Via

Get back at me when dementors ride their parents into battle. Jesus.

14. You've gotten into a staring contest with a cat who you're SURE wasn't just a cat.


"Your Majesty?"

15. Whenever anyone talks about "throwing shade" you wonder which idiot magician got possessed by spirits this time.

ABC Studios / Via

16. You count the day you found out that the trilogy was expanding into a quartet as one of the greatest of your entire life.

Alfred A. Knopf / Via


17. You can't see the hype around a certain strong, hammer-wielding hero without knowing who the real Stronghammer is.

Marvel Studios / Via

18. And you have a special appreciation for people when you find out that they also love the Inheritance Cycle.

Mr. Mudd / Via

19. That is, until you inevitably disagree on your pronunciation of Dras-Leona.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Oh, not this again...

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