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    13 Signs You're Still A Hot Topic Girl In An Abercrombie World

    It wasn't "just a phase."

    1. You feel nostalgic for the days when wearing leather wristbands instead of Livestrong bracelets was a sign of rebellion.

    glassghost/ Creative Commons/Flickr: 27526784@N05
    mireia_mim/ Creative Commons/ Flickr: mireia

    2. You still very staunchly refuse to wear anything resembling a polo shirt.

    Getty Images Digital Vision

    3. You turn your nose up at "professional" hair dye ads because you know that Manic Panic is the one true dye.

    Tess Aquarium/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: madebytess

    4. The high-fashion stud trend was the best thing that ever happened to you.

    Kimberley Jade Bleeker/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thelittlewhitebird

    Take that, preppies!

    5. You feel a forbidden twinge of attraction to alternative-looking people, even if they're not really your type.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto CREATISTA

    Full sleeve tattoos? Count you in.

    6. Meanwhile, you still don't get what's so hot about the super-buff model type.

    Hard pass.

    7. You shook your head when Kim Kardashian started wearing a corset, because you were on that YEARS ago.

    8. Your thick, black eyeliner game is way beyond everyone else in your age group, because you wore it for a decade before anyone else.

    Jim Batt / Via

    9. You're still a sucker for all things plaid.

    Trip & Queball with PUNKassPHOTOS/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: punkassphotos

    10. Most people wax nostalgic for Rugrats, but you're more of an Invader Zim kind of person.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    You still sing "The Doom Song" to yourself sometimes.

    11. Same goes for superheroes and Johnny The Homicidal Maniac.

    Jhonen Vasquez / Via

    12. You died a little bit inside when people who made fun of you in high school started wearing shirts and pants with visible zippers.

    13. And even though Hot Topic has rebranded in recent years, you still can't help but feel grateful that you shopped there in its heyday.

    Nicholas Eckhart/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fanofretail

    May your inner darkness never be tamed.

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