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15 Signs You Are Emotionally Dependent On Lip Balm

You can quit anytime you want.

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1. If you can't immediately find your lip balm, you go into a panic until you track it down.

Jim Henson / Via

2. If you realize that you don't have a lip balm on you at any moment, it's pretty much the end of the world.

MTV / Via

3. So you usually just rush to the nearest store and buy a backup.

4. Which is why you have approximately EIGHT MILLION different lip balms in your purse and house combined.

Bonne Bell / Via

5. You feel personally victimized when a lip balm smells really good but tastes so, so bad.

6. If you ever meet someone while your lips are feeling dry you feel like they haven't really met you at all.

20th Century Fox / Via

7. You have a particular brand you really love but also aren't afraid to branch out and try pretty much everything else.

Burt's Bees/

8. You refuse to kiss anyone if their lips look chapped at all.

Ryan Seacrest Productions / Via

9. Admit it, you've peeled your lips a little to get the flakes off in a pinch.

Getty Images/iStockphoto merznatalia

10. Actually you've peeled them multiple times, if only because you can't STAND the sharp edges of dry lips.

Black Dog Films / Via

11. Winter is your least favorite season, always.

MTV Production / Via

So much dryness :(

12. You constantly remind yourself to stop licking your lips but alas, you do it anyway.

Parkwood Entertainment / Via

13. Happiness is a brand new tube of Vaseline.

Unilever / Via

14. You've used all of the tricks to keep your lips soft, from nightly treatments to scrubbing your lips with a toothbrush.

Young Woman Applying Lip Balm
Getty Images/Fuse Fuse

Young Woman Applying Lip Balm

15. You know that heaven is the feeling of perfectly smooth lips.

Academy Films / Via

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