We Need To Appreciate The Goddamn Moon

It's our only natural satellite, so show some f**king respect.

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I mean, really. Stop and think about how cool it is that there's a giant rock right outside of our orbit, in space, that we can just look up and see whenever we want?!

And at night the rock GLOWS! It glows with reflected sunlight that is somehow really flattering and makes everything look sexy.

The moon is the Earth's only natural satellite, which means that it is our planet's best friend. They've been hanging out together for 4.5 billion years!

The moon also knows the importance of keeping its look fresh, so it goes through phases to keep all us Earth-dwelling nerds on our toes.

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What's the moon look like tonight? Is it waxing or waning? Better look that shit up.

To reiterate: the ocean is a vast and unfeeling hellscape filled to the brim with terrors both seen and yet unseen by human eyes. And the moon is in charge of it.

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You know when you're at the beach and the water is either really far away or all up in your business? BAM! Moon.

Nothing on the surface of the Earth is cooler than the moon. Or hotter.

Graeme Shannon / Getty Images

The nighttime temperature of the moon can dip to -387 Fahrenheit/-233 Celsius, while the daytime temp can get as high as 253 Fahrenheit/123 Celsius.