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    17 Reasons Dating Is Hard When You're Kind Of An Asshole

    Dating is rough to begin with, but when you're sort of mean it's the absolute worst.

    1. You're a grump to begin with, which makes meeting people difficult.

    2. When someone likes you, you scare them away just by being your normal jerky self.

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    3. And when you have a crush you default to making fun of them, which is incredibly counterproductive.


    4. Your sarcasm level is always waaaaay higher than your date's, which can lead to a few misunderstandings.

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    5. It's almost impossible for you to feign interest in people if you already know it's not going to work out.


    How much longer do I have to listen to you? Be honest.

    6. Your particular brand of honesty isn't well-received on first dates, or second dates, or ever.

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    7. As in if someone asks you how they look and the correct answer is "shit," you'll say "shit" and that's bad.

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    8. You've played the game where you see how much stuff you can lie about before your date notices.

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    "I'm an alpaca farmer turned brain surgeon with a book deal and eight toes."

    9. And you got caught.

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    And therefore lost the game.

    10. You've accidentally insulted more dates than you've purposefully complimented.

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    11. You have no idea how to describe yourself on dating profiles.

    Alexis Nedd/ OK Cupid

    12. Your flirty texting game leaves a lot to be desired.

    13. Your friends don't want to set you up on dates anymore.

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    "I mean, we ALL know what happened with Morgan."

    14. You got into all of your dates wondering if this is the one who will finally throw a drink at you.

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    15. You mean well, but you are completely incapable of conveying that you mean well.

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    16. You wonder every day what your love life would be like if you had anything resembling a filter.

    17. But you also know that when you do find your love, they'll probably be just as wonderfully terrible as you.

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    There is ALWAYS hope for love, you little shits. Always.

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