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Proof That TV Shows Are Just Reimagined Classic Novels

The Count of Monte Cristo was the original Heisenberg.

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1. Dexter = Crime and Punishment

A poorly socialized but artistically oriented man feels as if he has the prerogative to murder at will and ends his spree exiled to the ass-end of the known world, where he performs manual labor for the rest of his life.

2. Pushing Daisies = Frankenstein

A man sort of discovers the secret to bringing the dead back to life and for some reason everyone focuses on that part instead of the nuanced plot that deals with the nature of life, beauty, and human connection.

4. Breaking Bad = The Count of Monte Cristo

After a life threatening experience and the acquisition of a substantial sum of money, a mild-mannered man's moral code degrades as he transforms into his violent and manipulative alter ago.


6. The Vampire Diaries = Black Sheep

An extraordinary amount of narrative time is dedicated to the question of which handsome and eligible man will end up with the inexplicably desirable main characters, despite the fact that everyone has much bigger problems to worry about.

8. House of Cards = Vanity Fair

An unlikeable protagonist claws their way to the top by partnering up with spouses who are exactly as terrible as they are and running over the hopes and dreams of objectively better people.


12. Firefly = 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

A morally shifty captain with a chip on his shoulder and a strong hatred of the government leads his crew on a journey of danger, exploration, and criminal activity in the last great frontier. Somebody you love will die.