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13 Problems Hairy Girls Have During The Summer

So much hair. So much sweat.

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1. Feeling extra pressure to shave your legs because people can see them now.

Skintimate / Via

Kiss your short showers goodbye.

2. If you're a pit-shaver, same goes for under your arms.

Jake Nava / Via

3. And your hair grows back super fast so keeping up with it is both expensive and futile.

4. Putting too much sunscreen on and watching it coat your arm hair in goopy whiteness.

Jacob Wackerhausen / Getty Images

5. Some shorts are a little too short and require extra upkeep, because your pubic hair basically extends to mid-thigh.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

6. When sweat beads up in your mustache, making it look like your nose is running.

Michiyothy / Getty Images

7. Looking down and seeing the sweat stuck in your boob hair like dew on a field of daisies.

Disney / Via

8. Needing some extra time to prep for any trip to the beach in case you forgot to uh...trim.

Antonioguillem / Getty Images

9. Also: pubic hair tanlines. It's a thing.

CBS / Via

10. Wearing a bathing suit puts all of your lower back/belly hair on display. So soft. So downy.

11. Your head hair takes forever to dry, so going from the beach or pool to literally anywhere else is a nightmare.

Sergey Novikov / Getty Images

12. You resort to wearing buns all the time, just to keep your heavy hair off your neck.

Jake Nava / Via

13. And all that extra shaving and upkeep means that after a few short weeks, summer transforms into the season of perpetual ingrowns.

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