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21 Things You Should Never Say To A Skinny Girl

No, I'm not sick. Even if I was, you're still rude.

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1. "Your legs/arms/body parts" are like twigs!"

Google / Via

They have less sap and are also made of flesh, not wood.

2. "I could break you in half!"

NBC / Via

Please don't please don't please don't.

3. "Eat a cheeseburger."

Warner Bros. Television / Via

I will eat what I want to eat.

4. If you're eating a salad: "You need to eat more than that." / Via

Don't tell me what to do.

5. "You could wear anything."


Alas, I only wear some things.

6. "Real women have curves."

E! / Via

You've figured me out. I am a cyborg.

7. "You have no ass."

Cartoon Network / Via

I am a donkey-less woman. I lament this fact every day.

8. "You have chicken legs."

Dreamworks / Via

Bwak bwak b-kawk!

9. "You look anorexic."

Fox / Via

That's a disease and not a description.

10. "You're so bony."

Touchstone / Via

My body is ready for the skeleton war.

11. "Men like girls with a little meat on them."

NBC / Via

Men also like spaghetti with butter and not making their bed.

12. "I could lift you up with one hand."

Nickelodeon / Via

Do not, please.

13. "Being that skinny isn't realistic."


I am a real person with real people feelings.

14. "You can't possibly eat that."

Warner Bros. Television / Via

Watch me eat. Then watch me Nae-Nae.

15. "You don't need to work out."

London Alley Entertainment / Via

You're right, being skinny means I'm already the healthiest I can possibly ever be, ever.

16. "This wind is going to blow you over."

Disney / Via

Even a sapling can withstand the storm if it is a person and not a tree.

17. "You hipbones stick out so much."

MTV / Via

Why are you even looking at those?

18. "You don't know what it's like to struggle with weight."

Bravo / Via

My personal struggle is not yours to describe.

19. "Your metabolism isn't going to last forever, you know."

Bravo / Via

You really like talking about my guts, don't you?

20. "Your body is so boyish."



21. And of course, "how come you're so skinny?"

NBC Universal Television / Via

I don't know. I genuinely do not know.

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