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17 People Who Clearly Have A Handle On This Whole "Adult" Thing

The so-called grownups of the BuzzFeed Community shared their most #adultfail moments.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community members to tell us about the last time they completely failed at being an adult. These are their stories.

2. These two adults who are clearly made for each other.

Manuel Faba Ortega / Getty Images

"I was in the grocery store talking to my husband on my cell phone. I then proceed to freak out because I couldn't find that same phone I was currently talking on. What made it worse was my husband actually said "where did you last have it?". We were both a little off that day" – ashaia

3. Another mystery solved by a bona fide adult.

Kimwhit92 / Getty Images

"One time I was in the dark and couldn't find my phone, so instead of turning the lights on, I pulled my phone out of my pocket and used the screen's light to find it. Do you see where this is going? Because I didn't for a strong 20 min." — tilkws


4. This person's cousin thumbs her nose at the law EVERY DAY.

Jojoo64 / Getty Images

"Not me but my cousin. We had lunch together and I ask her how has work been since she's gotten a new job that requires her to commute a little farther than her old job. Cousin uses the carpool lane to get to work. I asked her who carpools with her and she responds, "No one. Just me."

I ask her if she has gotten pulled over for it before and shes looks at me wondering why she would get pulled over for that when she always, "waits for two or more cars to pass" so she can get into the lane." — ronimariep

6. Sometimes you forget the pants, but sometimes the pants forget you.

Simon Lekias / Getty Images

"I hurried to get ready for work and was happy that I was able to walk out the door at a decent time, as I wanted to get there a little bit early. I felt like I was forgetting something, but figured I just needed some more caffeine. Purse in one hand, phone and keys in the other, I opened the door, stepped outside and realized I wasn't wearing any pants. None. Shoes I remembered. Pants....not so much." – Diana Horne (via Facebook)

7. It's one thing to #adultfail, it's another to literally forget that you are an #adult.

Muralinath / Getty Images

"Someone once asked me how old I was and I said "eighteen." Only several hours later did I realize I had given them the wrong age. I am 22." – Sofie Novak (via Facebook)


8. This incredibly careful driver really ought to be commended, not shamed.

Siri Stafford / Getty Images

"Pulling over on the side of the road in the middle of the night to google what flashing red traffic lights mean." — Katie Bacigalupi (via Facebook)

9. This girl whose miniature smoothie crisis is highly relatable.

Wavebreakmedia Ltd / Getty Images

"A couple weeks ago I cried like a 5 year old because I was upset that I had a headache and I wanted a smoothie but didn't know what time KEVA juice was closing. I could have googled it on my phone but instead I just cried. My head was hurting. Too much was happening. It was just too much." – Megan Marie (via Facebook)

10. This mom, whose daughter has a lifetime of late slips to look forward to.

Martinan / Getty Images

"Made it halfway to work before my daughter asked me where we were going and I realized I'd forgotten to drop her off at daycare." – Natalie Hyde Collins (via Facebook)

11. This girl who proved that your college nickname could always be worse.

BananaStock / Getty Images

"I had to register to my college via the Internet and while I was entering my password, I accidentally pressed tab. As a result, I was registered with something that can be roughly translated to "HorseshoWeronika" in that college's documents." – Weronika Łubińska (via Facebook)


14. This person who found a birthday surprise in his freezer.

Andreypopov / Getty Images

"My husband found a birthday card in the freezer. I had put it between two pizza boxes so it wouldn't get ripped in the bag. Unfortunately, he found it two months AFTER my brother's birthday." – chris_marie

15. The force is occasionally strong with this one.

Piotr Adamowicz / Getty Images

"Most times that I make toast, I make various hand gestures at the toaster, hoping that it will pop up at just the right moment. Sometimes these are accompanied by sound effects." – mrctheamazing

17. And the Parent of the Year award winner for 2015!

Artisteer / Getty Images

"A couple of months ago when my husband was working second shift. I took my teenage stepson to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner. We ended up with a tray of brownies, a gallon of ice cream, hot fudge, rediwhip, cherries and nuts. I'm such an awesome role model." – Pinkster