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31 Netflix Shows You Can Binge In A Single Weekend

Who needs to go out when you can watch an ENTIRE show?

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1. Sense8: Eight people across the world discover that they are all emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes physically linked.

2. Death Comes to Pemberley: Fanfiction come to life, Death Comes to Pemberley is a murder mystery set in the Darcy household, a short time after the events of Pride and Prejudice.

3. Terriers: Donal Logue plays yet another charmingly grizzled (ex)-cop in this smart, gritty series about unlikely crimestoppers.

4. Firefly: Space outlaws living on the fringe of an oppressively governed universe wreck stuff, steal cargo, and sometimes save the day. You could say they're big damn heroes.

5. Peaky Blinders: Cillian Murphy plays the alternately terrifying and alluring mob boss Tommy Shelby, whose family-first street gang runs the streets of Birmingham.

6. Black Mirror: Often called a Twilight Zone for the modern era, each episode of Black Mirror is a story that deals –some in the abstract– with the effect of technology on society.

7. Marvel's Daredevil: Charlie Cox plays delightful cinnamon roll Matt Murdock, whose blindness and god-fearing Catholicism do little to stop him from becoming a vigilante superhero in New York City.

8. Grace And Frankie: Grace and Frankie don't really like each other, but when their husbands announce that they are gay and in a relationship, the two women move forward with their lives together.

9. Scrotal Recall: A chlamydia diagnosis forces an awkward young man to retrace his entire sexual history, with hilarious results.

10. Broadchurch: A child's murder shakes up a peaceful town in this British show, which was later remade for American audiences as Gracepoint.

11. The Fall: A pre-50 Shades Jaimie Dornan and a post-X-Files Gillian Anderson star in this show about a police superintendent who takes over a murder case in Ireland.

12: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: After living in a bunker for 15 years, Kimmy Schmidt emerges and makes an increasingly bizarre life for herself in New York City.

13. Bojack Horseman: Bojack is a washed-up horse actor who can't get his shit together long enough to brush his teeth, let alone revitalize his career.

14. Residue: Eight people develop supernatural powers in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event.

15. Ascension: Astronauts on a 100-year journey into space deal with a homicide on board that makes them question their mission.

16. Ken Burns: Prohibition: This PBS documentary shows you what the roaring 20s were really like. Spoiler alert: it's not all Jay Gatsby and Nucky Thompson.

17. The Riches: Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard star as a family of Irish Travelers who stumble upon a way to step into a dead family's privileged life.

18. House Hunters International Collection: HOUSE HUNTERS! PICK HOUSE #2 WOO!!!

19. Witches of East End: A little bit of Charmed, a little bit of Gilmore Girls.

20. Chef's Table: A documentary series about six chefs as they create beautiful dishes and discuss their ethos of cooking.

21. Witnesses: An unlikely detective partnership pairs young Sarah with a mysterious older man.


22. Happy Valley: After the man who assaulted her daughter is let out of prison, a mother goes after him to exact vengeance...and ends up with a lot more than she bargained for.


23. The Honorable Woman: The coolest Gyllenhaal (Maggie. It's Maggie) won a Golden Globe award for her performance as a noblewoman who attempts to broker peace between Israel and Palestine in this miniseries.

24. Skins: Technically it would be impossible to marathon ALL of Skins in one weekend, but the first and best two seasons are a contained story and 100% worth a watch. No pressure to watch the rest. No really.

25: Z Nation: An original miniseries rendition on the now-classic zombie apocalypse plot.

26: Caprica: This prequel series to Battlestar Galactica is about a technology mogul and his human hybrid inventions.

27. Luther: What do we want? IDRIS ELBA? When do we want him? NOW!

28. World Without End: Love and war in 14th century England.

29. Hatfields and McCoys: The All-American family beef to end all beefs (beefi?) is dramatized in this miniseries.

30. Coma: Not gonna lie, I thought this was called "Soma" for the longest time. Anyway, it's about a hospital where patients keep lapsing into mysterious comas. Not somas.

31. The Buccaneers: American heiresses come to England to find noble husbands and succeedish.

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