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What Are Some Of Netflix's Hidden Gems?

Tell us about the best, weirdest, or most underrated show or movie you've found!

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Maybe it's a forgotten indie film with a mind-blowingly bizarre premise.

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"I was clicking through IMDB and stumbled upon this horror/romance film called The Undying. It's about an ER surgeon who steals a coma patient so the ghost in her house can have corporeal form, resulting in a CONFEDERATE SEX GHOST BOYFRIEND. This movie has everything: murder, workplace harassment, Wes Studi, and did I mention the CONFEDERATE SEX GHOST?"


Or a hilarious Australian TV show that makes no sense and is still so, so good.

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"Danger 5 is what would happen if you combined a campy 60′s TV show (with purposefully shitty special effects and WWII plot lines) with a super team of international spies whose goal is to kill Hitler. Also, the head of the team literally is an eagle-headed man named Colonel Chestbridge and everyone inexplicably understands all foreign languages. It is utterly insane and delightful."

Perhaps one day you watched a seemingly goofy but actually poignant documentary and it stuck with you.

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"I expected to hate-watch The Queen of Versailles because it looked like it was designed to fuel class hatred and make fun of the main character for being "tacky," but I really enjoyed watching the whole thing! Part of that enjoyment was maybe shadenfreude at watching what happens to the family but the story also has some compelling things to say about class, capitalism, and American excess."