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23 Reasons Nobody Likes Turning 23

What's my age again?

1. Turning 23 means you're at the bottom of the "twenty-something" totem pole.

2. You're expected to have your shit together but have none of the resources required to get your shit together.

3. You're confronted with a million options regarding what to do with your life but none of them look particularly appealing.

4. If you're still on your parents' insurance you have two more years to get sick before you're pretty much toast.

5. For the first time, being in your twenties really sinks in and it's terrifying.

6. Being 23 means you're officially older than so many of today's pop stars.

7. And you're so far from being a teen that you stop speaking their language.

8. Seriously if you ever meet a teen and tell them you're 23 they act like you're the oldest person on the planet.

9. There's nothing really "new" to look forward to on your 23rd birthday.

10. Besides hearing everyone you know sing that song.

11. Which, to be honest, is probably the root of all of your anxiety re: turning 23.

12. Actually you know what, that Jim Carrey movie was also pretty weird.

13. You're self-conscious about being one of the youngest members of the workforce.

14. But are still constantly surprised to find out how old your peers at work are.

15. 23 is also the age where most people meet their spouse.

16. So you really have to start making some decisions about dating down.

17. Because let's get real, you don't want to get roped into hanging out on campus with your S.O.

18. But dating older people also makes you feel like a poser.

19. If you're 23 and in grad school life is hard enough for you without even going into the whole age thing.

20. Because whether you have a job or don't, are in school or aren't— the one big thing about being 23 is that you have more responsibility than you've ever had before.

21. So you feel like now's the time to stop acting like a kid...

22. ...while essentially being the baby version of a real adult.

23. So for those about to turn 23, we salute you! It's the freshman year of adulthood.