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    11 Mind-Bending Moments From The "Avatar: Legend Of Korra" Season 3 Trailer

    The return of Zuko, armless waterbenders, and our first glimpse of the Earth Queen!

    On the evening of June 11th, the creators of Avatar: Legend of Korra responded to the premature leaking of six of season three's episodes by releasing the official trailer for Book Three: Change.

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    The trailer teases a host of new characters, the return of some familiar faces, and some extremely impressive bending battles! Here's what to take away from it:

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    1. There are two new locations for this season: one resembles the Sandbender village from Avatar: The Last Airbender and the other is a shining white citadel.

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd
    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd/

    2. A whole new host of air nomads! Are they merely Tenzin's acolytes or genuine, honest-to-goodness airbenders?

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    Judging by later clips of multiple characters bending air, it's probable that they're the real deal.

    3. Speaking of airbending, is this a clip of Bumi showing some newfound skills?

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    To refresh: Bumi is (was?) the only one of Avatar Aang's children who is a non-bender.

    4. This girl???

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    We thought we saw the last of this ominous eye symbol with the destruction of Sparkly Boom Boom Man from the last series- so who is this girl? Is her resemblance to Azula a coincidence?

    5. This new character appears to have no arms, and compensates by bending water to BECOME HER ARMS.

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    6. Magma bending!

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    The skill of magma-bending hasn't been introduced yet in the series. Is it the domain of earthbenders because of the rock or is it a firebending skill because of the heat?

    7. Kya, the waterbending daughter of Avatar Aang and Katara, is very casually water-slapping an airplane OUT OF THE SKY.

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    She takes after her mama, that one.

    8. Asami saves the day by spiriting Korra away...but why and where?

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    9. Tenzin's daughter Jinora has apparently figured out how to spiritually project herself into places, which is nice.

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    10. All hail the Earth Queen!

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    11. And finally: welcome back to Team Avatar, former Fire Lord Zuko!

    Viacom/ Alexis Nedd / Via

    We'd recognize that scar and that #honor anywhere.

    12. See the whole trailer here!

    View this video on YouTube

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